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The Nigerian Billiards Academy’s ‘‘BILLIARDS PLACE’’ primary aim will be to improve the skill level of all the cue sports (Blackball, 8, 9, and 10 ball pool, Snooker, and Billiard) in Nigeria. We will be catering to three categories of individuals.

The first group, which is the primary, will comprise of primary school leavers who for one reason or another cannot further their education. We will engage as many as are willing on trials and select the most qualified 100 for each batch. They will have a full year of schooling under the academy with the regular syllabus compressed to 4 hours per day and they will also have 4 hours of Billiard training every day. After a full year of rigorous academic work and sports training, they will be integrated into the proper school system under the support of the academy. They are mandated to still have a minimum of 9 hours a week of training in the academy weekly to improve their skills and prepare for local and international tournaments. From these supposed relics of society, we are determined to produce world champions.

The second will be youth of any age who have basic knowledge of the game and play it daily as a means of entertainment and survival; many in this category are idle youth. Our goal is to bring in international trainers to teach them for periods ranging from 2 weeks to a month at regular intervals. Since they are already skilled at potting the balls in the pocket but lack international ranking, they would be taught the rudimental skills to become skilled enough for international trophies.

The third and final will be an elite membership section of pool and snooker enthusiasts who can come in anytime to relax and network while enjoying their favourite sport, and also have the fulfilment that they are developing the next generation to be better at the game and have a fulfilled life for themselves and also propagate a good image for Nigeria.

The academy will comprise an indoor stadium with 16 pool tables and a spectator pavilion capacity of over 1,000, classrooms, a gym, conveniences, a cafe, a health centre, a sports shop, a food court, and offices. Attached are architectural drawings of the proposed stadium and quantity surveyors estimated the building to cost about 400m naira.

Sports bring people and communities together, bridging ethnic and cultural divides. Pool further teaches discipline, confidence, patience, and leadership. It teaches the value of victory and defeat. As part of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, we are positioning the sport on a path that will stimulate a fraternity of pool/snooker players and enthusiasts who can build a career in the sport which will consequently produce champions that will become role models for Generation Z.

With over 5 million people actively playing the sport in every corner of Nigeria; many of whom are super talented and just need a platform such as the CSAN’s Academy to guide and propel them towards a professional career. The Billiard Academy can build future champions in the coming years with access to international competitions and the endless possibilities that come with attendant opportunities that come with international exposure.

We have acquired a 2 Acre property at Osubi (5 minutes’ drive from the airport) and have engaged Aesthetic Plus Ltd as official architects and builders from start to finish. They have drawn and estimated costings for the project already. (Visuals attached).

The fundraising will be divided into 3 stages

Stage 1        – Carcass Structures              – 3 months – N100,000,000

Stage 2       – Finishing Structures           – 1 Year        – N100,000,000

Stage 3       – Furnishing & Equipment    – 6 Months – N200,000,000

Donations are to be in 3 categories with corresponding benefits

Platinum Partners         – N1,000,000 (One Million Naira)

Gold Partners                – N   100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Naira)

Silver Partners               – N     10,000 (Ten thousand Naira)

Corporates who want to be involved and also have branding rights to the facility will have to commit to a minimum of 10m (Ten million Naira)

Thank you

 Scott Oritsejemineyin Igbene

President / Project Coordinator




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